The Move

Santè Massage is moving to Leawood in 1 month! Appointments on or after July 15th will be at this address:


4431 W. 119th Street
Leawood, KS 66209
(Inside Radiant Yoga + Wellness)



Essential Oils 101: What are essential oils?

Essential oils are a hot topic today, and with good reason. More than just pretty scents, essential oils boast great benefits for health. And when integrated into massage therapy, it’s a holistic wellness solution. In this blog series, we’ll chat about what essential oils are, why they’re worth trying and how to incorporate them into your own wellness plan.

There’s plenty of chatter about essential oils — but to get the full benefit, it’s helpful to understand just what they are.

A quick history lesson first . . . the term aromatherapy was coined in the 1920s, but the practice has been widely used throughout history. It’s believed that the Egyptians were the first to create oils infused with herbs for use in medicine, cosmetics and perfume.

You’ve experienced essential oils before, maybe without even knowing it. Think about a relaxing, lavender-scented bubble bath, for example. Scent is powerful — and that’s only the beginning. Essential oils are extracted through steam distillation and cold pressing. Since the herbs and plants are concentrated, they’re much more powerful. And aromatherapy is nothing new at Santé Massage.

Each kind of oil has a different purpose. Some common oils include lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary and tea tree oil. These and many other oils can be used to:

-          purify your home

-          enhance your physical wellness

-          improve your mental and emotional health

-          improve your skin

-          and much more!

In the next Essential Oils 101 blog post, we’ll tackle why essential oils can be a good choice and how not all essential oils are not created equal. I’ll also share why I decided to go with Young Living as an essential oil provider. For now, tell us your story! Have you used essential oils? How has your experience been? What’s your favorite oil and why?

Cheers, America! … From Colorado

Not to make all you flat-landers jealous… but this is my view on our hike this morning at Dillon Reservoir in Colorado. If I’m hard to reach, it’s because I’m living it up here in Colorado. :)

I am out of the office until July 15th. I will not be returning phone calls until July 12th.

Dillon Reservoir

This vacation and break from work has been much needed. Santè Massage reopens at the new location of Radiant Yoga + Wellness in Leawood on July 15th! I’m so excited and honored to share a building with amazing wellness practitioners. I’m even more excited for you to experience more holistic treatment with a chiropractic care, nutrition, yoga and others! Hope everyone is having a safe and fun 4th of July weekend. 

Cheers to your health!

































Better together: Massage plus Chiropractic Work

Wellness is a puzzle with many pieces. Massage is important for a healthy lifestyle, but it’s just one part of a holistic approach. Health and wellness treatments really are better together. In this new series, I’ll walk you through the many stops on the road to wellness and show you how practices fit together with massage to make you the best you can be. Today, for part one, I’m excited to show you how massage and chiropractic care work even better together.

As some clients know, I started my massage career at a chiropractic office. The past 4 years, I’ve had a front-row seat to spinethe benefits of chiropractic care. Personally, I wouldn’t have survived my first year of full-time massage had it not been for chiropractic care! I was able to see the benefits of chiropractic work every day, and it’s something I recommend to many Santé Massage clients, to both augment and enhance their massage therapy.

First, the basics: chiropractic care is based on the interactions of the spine and nervous system, and chiropractors make adjustments to the spine and other bones. People visit chiropractors for many reasons, from daily aches and pains to crippling migraines. Working in the chiropractic office taught me the many benefits of regular adjustments. As a massage therapist, I can work out many knots. But I’m also aware of when an adjustment is helpful. I can relax muscles, but I can’t manipulate bones and vertebrae.

Never visited a chiropractor before? No need to be anxious. According to the American Chiropractic Association, the number of Americans who regularly seek chiropractic care is more than those seeking yoga, massage, acupuncture or other diet-based therapies. And chiropractic is the largest, most regulated and best recognized of the complementary and alternative medicine professions. It is the third largest doctoral-level health care profession after medicine and dentistry. Choosing a chiropractor is a personal decision. Try a few chiropractors and decide what techniques you’d like. My time at Kansas City Chiropractic has been wonderful— and I highly recommend Dr. Lynn McIntosh of Kansas City Chiropractic if you are in the midtown/Plaza KCMO area. I’m really looking forward to my continued work alongside a chiropractor, so I’m excited to refer you to Dr. Rebecca who is our chiropractor at Radiant Yoga + Wellness. Dr. Rebecca’s main office is in Olathe, Kansas so don’t be shy about visiting her there either!

Chiropractic adjustments are most effective right after a massage . . . so it’s smart to select a chiropractic office with a massage therapist on staff or schedule your Santé Massage appointment the day before your adjustment. Furthermore, a good massage can make your alignment last longer, so your investment will pay off both for your body and your wallet.

Chiropractic treatment, just like massage therapy, is part of your holistic approach to wellness. Simply put, they’re better together! Call Santé Massage anytime with questions about your wellness, and we’ll help you en route to better health.


Cheers to your health!

How to soothe sore muscles

No matter your fitness level, we’ve all experienced sore muscles. Massage is obviously our favorite way to soothe sore muscles! But there are some strategies you can put into play outside the massage studio too. Here are our tips on healing those sore muscles.

Before your workout:

Prime your body for a healthy workout and effective recovery with plenty of water. For the most intensive workouts, consider an energy drink.  A regular massage client has tipped me off to a great shop that is locally owned in Kansas City where you can get pre, post and various other supplements for your active lifestyle. Try Nutrishop in Overland Park and talk with their fitness experts for advice on which products would be best for your workout regiment. A healthy diet will keep your body ready for the hard workout.

During your workout:

Every good workout begins and ends with stretching. Choose a few yoga poses to launch your workout and warm up your muscles, and conclude with some deep stretching to relax muscles and ward off soreness. Mobility exercises are also a great way to warm up your muscles and get the synovial fluid pumping through your joints. And keep hydrating! Drink plenty of water to help muscles recover.

After your workout:

Make time for rest. Daily exercise is important for health, but your muscles need recovery time. Swap a leisurely walk for that intense workout every few days. The same goes for your sleep. Be sure to get those eight hours! And don’t forget to refuel with protein. Protein shakes or drinks are a good solution (but check the sugar content to make sure you’re not un-doing that calorie-burning workout). A massage client who’s a body builder referred me to Pro7ein Synthesis as a highly reputable protein drink. Check out this article for seven reasons to choose Pro7ein Synthesis. Egg whites can help too, and include lean meats and fish in your meals. We’re also fans of the Epsom salt bath. The hot water relaxes your muscles and the Epsom salt draws toxins out of your body.

Put these tips into practice and your muscles will thank you! What’s your favorite muscle-soothing tip?

Make the most of your massage: Five tips for summer athletes

As spring becomes summer, we’re spending more time than ever outside, practicing favorite sports and training for new ones. Athletes, weekend warriors and even reluctant exercisers . . . for the athlete in all of us, massage is an important part of muscle recovery.sportsmuscles

For summer athletes, here are our tips on making the most out of massage for summer sports:

-          Water, water, water! We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Drinking water is critical to muscle recovery, and lays the foundation for a good massage. But hydration is even more important as temperatures rise in the summer. Drink water before, during and after your workout, as well as throughout the day.

-          Massage can be beneficial anywhere in your workout regimen. The day of, we’ll address how you’re feeling. A restorative massage involves lighter to moderate pressure when muscles are extremely sore. Deep tissue massages are helpful when you’re less sore, restoring your muscles for the next workout.

-          Consider other elements of massage for added benefit. Frozen ice cups are especially helpful for strenuous workout schedules. Combining massage therapy with ice cups can reduce inflammation. Essential oils can add another aspect of healing too. French Lavender and Arnica oil are both known for their inflammation-reducing properties.


-          Take care of your body outside the massage studio too. One of our favorite strategies: a hot bath with Epsom salts can help. While the heat relaxes the muscles, the salt soothes inflammation. This can help bridge the gap between massages and ready your muscles for the next training session. Another great at home tip is to alternate heat and ice to an area that is especially sore and inflamed. Many people turn to heat first for a sore muscle, but if the area is inflamed heat will make it worse! The best thing to do is to alternate heat and ice, always ending with ice so your muscles don’t end up feeling more stiff.

-          Listen to your body. Instinct kicks in when we’re pushing our bodies too far. Pay attention to nagging aches and pains and adjust your workout accordingly to avoid damaging your body. Working out to your personal best is healthy, but pushing past your limit puts you at risk for injury. Remember to schedule in regular recovery days. This means on a recovery day you might be doing some light stretching, but other than that you are just resting. Also, don’t forget that your body recovers and builds muscle best when it is getting adequate sleep. Rest is incredibly important!

Your turn — what’s your best suggestion for summer massage and fitness? We’re all ears!

Book now with Santé Massage to make the most of your summer fitness goals!

Santé Massage is moving!

While it has been AMAZING having Santé Massage inside The Bauer Machine Works building in Crossroads, it’s time to move forward. As a massage therapist I have grown to realize that my long-term goal is to join the wellness industry. So recently when my current studio mate and I sat down to discuss the potential of growing our businesses apart from each other, little did I know things would fall into place so quickly. Last week I met the owner of Radiant Yoga, and viewed the site of her new location for Radiant Yoga + Wellness. This place is going to be incredible. It has a large, open space in the store front with beautiful hard wood floors for yoga classes. Beyond the front room is a circular hall with 10+ treatment rooms of varying sizes. Their vision is for the space to be a collective of wellness practitioners. So far the providers range from: yoga, chiropractic, healing arts, therapist, esthetician, nutritionist, and massage therapist. Their grand opening celebration is set for Sunday, June 9. Santè Massage will not be moving there until July, but come out for the grand opening celebration to meet other wellness practitioners and to receive specials on massage! Here are some photos of the store front room at Radiant Yoga + Wellness. Stay tuned for more information about the big move!




How exfoliation leads to better health

Exfoliate: it means shedding, getting rid of the excess and making room for the new. Have you considered full-body exfoliation? It’s a great way to buff off dead skin cells on your arms, legs, feet and hands.

An exfoliation massage helps with dry skin immensely: many of us who struggle with dry skin continue to put on lotion, but the lotion may not be helping. If the top layer of skin is damaged, it no longer absorbs the moisture.

This exfoliation happens with a lighter touch, stimulating skin as it is buffed. The lighter touch stimulates the lymphatic system (harder pressure crashes it) which helps drain the body of edema. To achieve this, it is important to massage proximal parts of the body first, then moving to distal limbs so that the lymph flow is not obstructed. The massage technique is light and moving towards the heart in general. This results in less inflammation and a better immune system. Exfoliation paves the way for skin to rejuvenate itself and absorb lotion again as well as improve overall health by stimulating the lymphatic system. Intrigued? Make your Santé Massage appointment today!


Mother’s Day Special!

Show your mom some love this Mother’s Day with a gift that’s much better than flowers. For a limited time, you can buy the gift of relaxation for your mom at just $45 for an hour massage! This deal is also good for mother’s to be! That’s right, a prenatal massage for just $45. To make the deal even sweeter, we will let you add on aromatherapy for just $5. Catch this great price while it lasts. Contact us today buy the Mother’s Day gift certificate.



You can find this fantastic floral Mother’s Day card here on Etsy.

Aromatherapy massage

Essential oils are a hot topic of late, with each offering many benefits. We’re pleased to incorporate aromatherapy into our massages at Santé Massage!

Why aromatherapy? The benefits are many. Aromatherapy can have wonderful effects on healthy mood, wellness, stress relief and more. Just a few simple droplets in massage oil and massage cream, as well as in a candle diffuser, can take your massage experience to the next level and leave you feeling better than ever.

Aromatherapy is a great way to add enhanced wellness to your massage. Choose lavender for a more relaxing experience, or tea tree oil to invigorate the senses. All our essential oil options are organic, so you can rest knowing they’re safe and easily absorbed. Other options include eucalyptus, geranium, peppermint and rosemary. Try one or mix two together for a more complex scent. Our sense of smell is associated with memory. For example, every time I smell Dawn dish soap I remember being at my grandmother’s house as a young child. The smell is oddly soothing and comforting. If you associate the scent of lavender with relaxation, you can easily induce a mental getaway with a lavender candle at home. Think of practical ways you can slow your busy day to take time and “stop and smell the roses.”

Reach out to us today about aromatherapy, or ask about it at your next massage appointment. We’ll help you choose the right essential oil for your treatment.

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